PAERI Working Group

The Public Awareness and Engagement with Research Infrastructures (PAERI) Working Group was established to collect requirements and best practices in the areas of public relation, communication, and public awareness from the member infrastructures. Based on those inputs, the PAERI Working Group provides advice and good practices for ERF AISBL members on activities and future development. The group aims to develop an understanding of common community requirements in the domain of public relation issues of research facilities and networks, and facilitate the adoption of established, good solutions from this field. The working group in general wants to promote the public awareness of large scale research facilities (LSF) and infrastructures.




Collecting and sharing best practice examples of PR initiatives. Organising the exchange on regular meeting and workshops. Promoting science communication with focus on LSF and research networks. Promote and conduct common research projects on science communication.


Common requirements for public awareness across member ERF AISBL infrastructures. Best practice recommendations for PR Actions and PR Organisation to ERF AISBL Research infrastructures. Position papers (White papers, blueprints, etc.) to be endorsed by the ERF General Assembly before public release.

Activities and Events