Grand Accélérateur National d’Ions Lourds

GANIL, the Grand Accelerator of Heavy Ions (, is today one of the leading international laboratories for research with ion beams. Thanks to the unique nature of its facilities, it is classified as a Very Large Research Infrastructure (TGIR), serving an international scientific community.

Since its commissioning and the first experiment in 1983, the laboratory's research has led to significant advances in nuclear physics. Discover some scientific highlights and the major questions that nuclear physics research seeks to answer.

Research at GANIL

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Research carried out at GANIL

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At GANIL, about ten nuclear physics experiements are carried out each year. Carrying out these experiments requires the coordination of actions performed by personnel with several scientific and technical skills. From dowsers, responsible for the production of ion beams, to operators responsible for transporting and accelerating these ions. Vacuum experts, surveyors and technical coordinators are also involved in the coordination of these experiments. Their mission is to ensure the preparation of the experiment and its proper conduct.